This year thanks mainly to the addition of a new power cat, Scuba Cat, we have scheduled the “Vintage Full-Day” vintage because we will repeat the full-day as in the 80’s/90’s with lunch on board and stop for at least 3 hours between the first and second dive. The full days for the Cerbicali Islands and Tavolara would be proposed instead of the Extra Long Distace excursion, which will no longer exist.

The full day will also be scheduled for the Lavezzi archipelago.

Marine Park of Cerbicali & Lavezzi Island (Corsica) and  of Tavolara Island (Sardegna)

The main differences between the full-day and the standard excursion with two dives is mainly in the time of the stop between the first and second dive which goes from one hour to three hours with enormous advantages on the bottom time and safety in the second dive and lunch on board.

Moreover the full-day will allow you to spend a day enyoing the sea in comfort and relax in one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean such as the marine park of the Cerbicali Islands and Arc. of Lavezzi in Corsica and the AMP of Is. Tavolara in Sardinia.
Excursion very appreciated and suitable also for snorkelers, freedivers and sea lovers in general.

Excursion timetable: h. 9,30 – h.17,30
Lavezzi/Tavolara Sub € 130 No sub € 100
Cerbicali Sub € 150 No sub € 120

The price includes: 2 guided dives, tanks and weight belt, cold lunch (Pasta alla Checco, sausage and pecorino cheese, savoury pie or pizza, dessert, fruit, wine, water and soft drinks), hot tea and biscuits. Snorkeling set for companions.

N.b. In order to dive in Tavolara you need an advancement licence to dive up to 30m.
The full day will also be scheduled for the Lavezzi Island.



Hovering in the blue dragged by an underwater scooter is an amazing emotion that will allow you to admire and explore in comfort way more wide areas. Orso Diving Club from this year is a Suex Flagship Center, an official Suex center thanks to which it will be possible to try for free or for rent one of the 4 new and performing SUEX VRX underwater vehicles during our recreational dives. Suex is a leading manufacturer of high performance underwater vehicles for long range, technical, deep and long range exploration dives suitable for both professional and military use. At the moment Suex – the submarine Exploration Company – represents cutting-edge technology in underwater mobility. Performance, reliability, handling, complete range of products and excellent after-sales service are the elements that make Suex the absolute leader in the underwater scooter market.  

Thanks to the Suex Flagship Center and the 7 Suex sooters of our fleet of underwater vehicles from this year it will be possible to participate in exciting underwater scooter tours to discover new bottoms.


“Monaci” & “Bisce” shoals discovering new bottoms!

The shoals of the Bisce and Monaci rise on the same geological ridge that starts from Capo Ferro up to Monaci shoals with several splendid and mostly unexplored shoals as they extend for more than 5ml. The shoals start from a sandy bottom of 50/60mt to rise up till few meters from the surface. The groups of underwater explorers will be composed of a maximum of 6 divers plus diving guide, all equipped with scooters and will be followed by a personal boat. The requirements to be able to participate in the exploration dives:

a) Recreational explorers: diving licence up to 40mt depth, specialty certification for the use of the scooter (Requires a first session in shallow water).
(b) Technical Explorers: diving licence up to 60mt depth

Price including the scooter €120 (with two explorations will be included in the price the specialty: Scooter DPV – SSI) for those who already have the scooter €70

Thanks to the Suex Flagship Center and the 7 Suex sooters of our fleet of underwater vehicles from this year it will be possible to take part in exciting underwater scooter tours to discover new underwater bottoms.


During our recreational diving excursions it will be possible to do real underwater tours in a group of divers with dedicated guide, all equipped with scooters.

Requirements: Diving License up to 30mt and DPV Scooter specialty license.

Cost of diving including scooter €100 for those who already have scooters €50.

Mount Vercelli is an extinct volcano that from a bottom of about 2000m rises up to 52m from the surface, the submerged mountain is 64miles from Poltu Quatu. Capeo Ferro, only 2 miles from Orso Diving, is the closest land point, about 3h of navigation. It is completely unexplored!

Pochissimi subacquei hanno avuto la fortuna di immergersi in questo luogo. Le spedizioni devono essere organizzate nel minimo dettaglio e le condizioni meteo marine devono essere ottime. La secca è profonda e spesso battuta da correnti molto forti e quindi pedagnare o ancorarsi sul sommo risulta spesso impossibile. Durante l’avvicinamento in barca è praticamente assicurato l’incontro con cetacei che percorrono il canyon di Caprera seguendo le correnti ricche di nutrienti. Gli organismi sessili ricoprono completamente la montagna nelle batimetriche meno profonde, crinoidi come l’Antedon mediterranea sono particolarmente frequenti e le gorgonie rosse Paramuricea clavata oscillano lungo le pareti verticali. Il pesce pelagico si avvicina al Monte Vercelli poichè è l’unica secca nel raggio di miglia e di conseguenza si possono osservare banchi di tonni, ricciole e con un po’ di fortuna verdesche Prionacea glauca e squali grigi del mediterraneo Carcharhinus plumbeus.


Requirements: TRIMIX IPOSSICO diving licence
Diving price €250 excluding equipment and gas

Nb. In both cases you will need to make a dive with us before taking part in the exploratory scooter dives.

If you are interested in these dives please contact us to give us the period of availability so that we can collect and reach the minimum quorum of 8 divers (Max 10) to organize the excursion.


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