Volcano "Monte Vercelli" (Orso Diving exclusive)

A real adventure. The charme of making a dive into one of the most incredible places in the Mediterranean Sea. Totally unbelievable because in the midst of the sea it dried up from 2,000 Mt depth.
It is in the midst of the sea so you can see everything. The shallow has become a biological interesting point. Currently the Orso Diving base is the closest ground point.
We need the best weather conditions both for the sea and the currents, but it is really amazing dive!!

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Caprera Island "Punta Coticcio"

The dive starts at a depth of 6 Mt where there is an underwater buoy where we moor the boat. The diving site is within the Marine Park of La Maddalena, so the dive site is very rich in fish. The bottom slopes quickly heading for the open sea. There are also numerous ancient anchors on the bottom.
On the bottom, following the line between rock and sand that borders the shallow you will see many gorgonians.


Caprera Island "Le Secche dell'Orso"

Diving in Caprera within the protected marine park of La Maddalena. There are a lot ciliated completely covered by gorgonians. Here photo lovers will found an amazing place. The visibility is most of all excellent and the absence of current makes these shallows a beautiful dive spot, very simple but very special for the photos.



Tavolara Island "Secca del Papa 2"

Very famous place in the park of Tavolara. It is one of the most popular in the Mediterranean Sea. The shallow is only 2 Mt wight till to 26 Mt deep. Then it widens to form the basis of 2 other spiers that reach the maximum depth of 60 Mt. An amazing dive where you will see a lot of groupers, snappers and amberjacks. The shallow is covered with beautiful two colours gorgonians.
It's also possible to meet the very rare golden grouper.


Shallow of "Black Coral"










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